Messi used the services of a psychologist in his final hours at Barca

Messi used the services of a psychologist in his final hours at Barca

Lionel Messi opened up about his final time at Barcelona. Messi admitted that he used the services of a psychologist because of the pressure and gossip that befell him.

In his latest interview with Argentinian media, Infobae, Lionel Messi revealed stories that not many people know. One of them was during his final moments in Barcelona.

Lionel Messi left Barcelona in 2021. At that time, Messi's contract expired and he received an offer from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

At that time, there were many rumors circulating that Messi was reluctant to cut his salary. However, on the other hand, Barca is known to want to kick Messi out because they feel the player is bigger than the club.

That's what really shook Messi's psychology!

"I went to a psychologist when I was at Barcelona last time," said Messi.

"At first I didn't want to. I am a person who always keeps everything a secret," he continued.

His wife, Antonella, apparently forced Lionel Messi to go to a psychologist. Antonella has been forcing him since 2020.

"In fact, after I went to a psychologist, it provided many benefits on . It really helped me," emphasized Messi.

Apart from that, Lionel Messi still respects Barcelona. In fact, Messi gave his eighth Ballon d'Or golden ball to be kept at the Barcelona Museum.

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